Gorge Walking South Wales

Gorge Walking South Wales

provide a number of different outdoor activities including gorge walking (also known as gorge scrambling in Wales), or Canyoning in WalesGorge walking in Wales is an adrenaline fuelled activity that is becoming increasingly popular in South Wales.  Why? Well it’s a great way to discover the hidden treasures of the country.  Climb over boulders, swim through plunge pools, walk through waterfalls and explore caves whilst at the same time facing natural obstacles that come your way.

Gorge Walking South Wales

A picture of two excited Gorge Walkers with Blue Ocean Activities.

A popular adventure activity, gorge walking South Wales is a fun-filled choice for stag activity weekends in Wales, hen parties in Wales, corporate events and team building exercises – basically it’s a great group activity for everyone! Members of the group will encourage one another to tackle the various challenges along the way which will bring out team spirit!  Groups will experience a thrilling adventure as they encounter all the fun elements of the gorge walking South Wales activity; jumping, scrambling, swimming and traversing!

Whilst on your gorge walking trip, you will take in some spectacular views as well as accomplishing tricky obstacles. You could find yourself bog jumping and exploring underground caves! If you’re an adrenaline junkie, Loonies Leap is a must.  Featured right at the end of your gorge walking adventure, this ultimate plunge pool will complete your experience; choose from a 5ft, 10ft or 18ft leap!

Gorge walking is always a fantastic event for the whole family.  We’ve taken people from all ages and levels of experience.  There are areas that are more suitable for the stronger members of the group, but if at any point someone doesn’t want to do a certain section then we can always find an easier alternative route.  From the countless trips we’ve taken out on the gorge, we’ve never had anyone who cannot progress down the gorge.

Gorge Walking South Wales Saftey

Here at Gorge Walking South Wales, we always take safety very seriously.  Our instructors are all fully qualified and we always equip you with the best safety gear.
You will be supplied with helmets, buoyancy aids and wet suits.  We have wet suits to suit all weather conditions, so we run our gorge walking sessions all year round.

Gorge walking in South Wales is a walk with a difference.  Gorge is a great outdoor team building activity.  Click to see more.  Blue ocean also do Indoor team building activities and corporate evening entertainment.

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