Canyoning Safety Equipment

Here at Blue Ocean we take Safety very seriously.  As professional canyoning instructors, here’s our list of safety equipment.

1 – Helmet
Everyone must wear a helmet.  People don’t normally hit their heads, but as we’re so close to water it’s a priority.

2 – Buoyancy Aid

Sometimes weak swimmers may get caught in currents, so a BA is extremely important.

3 – Wet suit

A wet suit will protect your body from minor cuts on rocks and brambles, and will also keep you warm throughout the day.

4 – Shoes

Proper, closed toe shoes will prevent your feet from getting cut on sharp rocks.

5 – Throw Line

If someone does get caught in a current, our guides will have a throw line ready for you to grab onto.

6 – Harness

When abseiling into the gorge, a proper harness will ensure you are safe at all times.

7- Professional lifeguard on site.

If something was to go wrong, we always have someone who’s qualified and experienced in administering first aid ready to help.

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Canyoning safety equipment