Keeping Warm Whilst Gorge Walking

It’s very important you keep warm whilst Canyoning.

The best way of course, is to wear a wet suit. There are many different types of wet suits. You can wear a summer suit, with 3mm body and 2mm arms and legs (3.2). This is predominantly for the summer season in Britain. For autumn we suggest wearing a 4.3 wet suit and for winter we recommend wearing a 5.4 or even a 6.4.

You must wear shoes at all times when canyoning, but you can purchase some wet suit socks that will help keep your feet warm, these will fit inside normal trainers. You can buy special canyoning shoes that will also help keep your feet warm.

Depending on the weather, you could also wear a waterproof cag that will block the wind and rain on those horrible days.

When it’s very cold, a wet suit hood, or a wet suit hat should be used, this will insulate the head and will minimize that horrible brain freeze feeling.