Gorge Walking Survival Kit

It’s important you take a canyoning survival kit when Canyoning. You never know what’s going to happen out there. Some people may laugh if we called this an essential kit. As everyone has different needs. But we feel that for a beginner, this covers everything you may encounter.

1- Lighter. You may get lost and cold.
2- Some garbage sacks, this can be used as a bivi bag (sleeping bag/ insulation bag), or an emergency rain coat.
3- A whistle. The fox 40 classic is our top whistle. This will be heard from miles away and it will also work when wet.
4- A small headlamp. If you get lost and you have to sleep in the wilderness, it’s going to be a lot easier to collect wood with a bit of light.
5- A candle, this will help light the place and also will be useful when creating a fire.
6- A small keg. This will be used to keep the survival items dry
7- Luxuries. We recommend taking a small stove, a steel cup and some tea, hot chocolate or soup. This will brighten the mood if you are to become stranded.
8- Knife. You may need to hunt for food. If you wanted to gut a fish, cut a rope you will wish you bought a knife with you. You should have one anyway as a part of your essential canyoning gear.
9- Tarpaulin. This is for building a shelter. The last thing you want is to be rained on in a survival emergency situation.
10- Food. We don’t expect you to bring loads, just some small ration packs that will get you through a couple of days.
11- Compass, or even better a GPS. If you really are in the middle of nowhere this will come in very handy.
12- Last but not least, a mobile phone. If you’ve got signal, this is an invaluable piece of equipment in a survival situation.

Survival kit