Gorge Walkers Code

Here is our moral code to Canyoning. The Canyoners Code.

  • Don’t alter the rock surfaces in any way.
  • Don’t put bolts into any rocks.
  • Avoid leaving slings around the place.
  • Remove old slings.
  • Try to keep to the canyons natural channels.
  • Stick to the existing paths and avoid creating new ones.
  • Don’t leave track marks.
  • Walk carefully and watch out for falling rocks or pathways.
  • Try not to promote ‘New’ canyons. ┬áLet them be discovered.
  • Use fuel stoves instead of open fires as the scars can be unsightly.
  • Try to avoid camping in a canyon environment.
  • Do not leave human waste on the Canyon.
  • Do not mess with the natural wild life.
  • Take home any rubbish.

Canyoners code