Gorge Walking Shoes

Gorge Walking in South Wales is an extremely fun sport.  But without the proper footwear, it can be quite dangerous.

The shoes- what to look for.

You will be jumping in and out of water, so you will need to wear shoes that allow proper drainage.  A pair of wellies, for example, would be rubbish for gorge walking.

You also need shoes that don’t get too heavy once wet, so a pair of hiking boots wouldn’t be too great either.

A pair of wet suits boots might sound like the perfect solution, but no.  Wet suit boots are too flimsy and don’t give the protection you need.  You won’t be in the water all the time, a lot of the time you will be walking on some sharp rocks, so you need proper soles.

We recommend and old pair of trainers, ones that are light, have good drainage and good grip on the outer soles.

You can buy specific gorge walking shoes too.  Here are the ones we think are the best.

The Hydro-Pro by adidas.

Gorge Walking Shoes

This shoes have extra grip on the outer soles, a nice waterproof Velcro seal around the top.  They have a quick release zip so they’re extremely easy to get on and off.

The draining is excellent, these will stay light in and out of the water.

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