Beginners guide to Gorge Walking

The best way to explore every nook and crannie of the earth is to go Gorge Walking or canyoning in Wales.  It lets you explore and litterally dive right into nature.

Canyoning can also be called Canyoneering or gorge walking.

First things first, you need a guide.  No matter how much you read upon canyoning, for the first few times you definitely need a guide.  Unless you’ve experienced a specific route before, and know how the river reacts to different flow speeds, there’s no safe way of going alone.  Book canyoning with an outdoor activity center.

Basic Skills

You will need to be in good health, as canyoneering combines rockclimbing, swimming, and hiking.

You will also need physical strength as often the only way to get into the canyon is to rappel down the side of a cliff or a vertical drop.  Your instructor will guide you each step of the way.

You should definitely get to know your knots.  The knot that connects your harness and rope will be what keeps you from falling.  Again, your instructor will do this with you, but a basic understanding may be worth having.

Swimming is very important.  canyons are sometimes subject to flash floods, so a dry section of the route could quickly become a swimming section.

Contact us if you would like to give it a go. This link will redirect you to Blue Ocean’s main website.

Beginners guide to canyoning