Activity Weekend in France

An Activity Weekend in France can be the perfect holiday for the whole family.  You can book from Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure and get a fantastic 2 activities, high mountain adventure, 3  nights of accommodation and transfers to and from the airport all included in this fantastic package.

Day 1 – Land in Lake Annecy

Day 2 – Canyoning

No past experience is obliged to participate in this Canyoning excursion, which includes bouncing and sliding into dive pools, abseiling down waterfalls and rushing down characteristic water slides. Your expert Canyoning aides will lead you on an adventure where you will find radiant view in glorious surroundings. The Gulch courses are inside close vicinity to Annecy and include: Angon, Pont du Diable, le Grenant & le Doria waterfalls.

Day 3 – High Mountain Enterprise (By means of Ferrata)

This High Mountain Enterprise gives the chance to get to territories of the mountain that would regularly be open by experienced climbers just. Referred to provincially as By means of Ferrata this action is a mix of strolling and climbing. Appended to a cabled system at all times, there are a mixture of steps, rope extensions, steep pathways, and crosses to test you. This is a novel movement that is open to everybody, the length of you’ve got a head for statures!

Day 4 – Fly back.  See more here on the france website.

activity weekend france gorge walking south wales

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