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Coasteering South & West Wales

Coasteering in Wales has come to be one of the best coastal experiences you can do.  For those who love the coast and who love a good splash in the sea this is the perfect activity for you.  Coasteering in South and West Wales can be done by all ages and ranges of ability.  Lead by trained professionals you’ll be traversing within the tide limits using only the sea and the rocky coastline.  You will be given safety equipment including a helmet, buoyancy aid and wet suit.  Along with qualified guides and first aiders who will be carrying safety rope and first aid kit, you are sure to be safe throughout your experience.

coasteering west wales and south wales


For more information about wales see here.

Canyoning South Wales

Canyoning can be done all over the word, but there’s no where better than doing it in South Wales!  Canyoning South Wales is as good as it gets, even in the colder months.  Our canyoning trips are booking up fast and all our groups so far have come away with huge smiles on their faces.  Canyoning involves getting from point a to point b using the river and the rocks that surround it.  You will be sliding down waterfalls, jumping into lagoons, slipping down rocky pathways.  This sport might sound very extreme, but it’s 100% safe.  You’ll be guided by experienced professionals and kitted out with helmets, buoyancy aids and wet suits.   Book now to ensure you get the exact time and date to suit you!

Canyoning south wales

For more information about Canyoning see the wiki page.

Gorge Walking Wales

Our Gorge walking packages are selling extremely fast in this amazing weather we’ve been having.  Gorge Walking Wales is incredible, with the most beautiful scenery you’ll be sure to be in awe.   Gorge Walking is an experience like no other, you’ll be jumping off rocks into lagoons, scrambling behind waterfalls, exploring hidden caves and much more.   This activity requires a certain amount of physical fitness, however we do aim to provide the activity for all ages and abilities, finding alternative routes when needed.   The activity will be provided by Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure and they will ensure your safety.  Blue Ocean are an accredited adventure company who will provide you with top quality safety gear including buoyancy aids, helmets and wet suits.   These wet suits will keep you warm even through the coldest months.  It’s important you have memories of this fantastic event so we always try to bring a camera to capture the fun.  You are welcome to bring your own cameras but you will be doing so at your own risk.

Gorge Walking Wales


You can get your gear from 

Canyoning Rated number 1 on trip advisor

Our canyoning trips have been rated number one on trip advisor.  Recently our Canyoning trips have been rated number one on trip advisor,  For our excellent trips have a look at this website

Canyoning number one


Our canyoning trips are extremely popular with stag and hen groups, and in fact popular with all groups ages and abilities.

Canyoning is the sport of traversing from A-B using the Gorge, Rivers, Banks, lagoons and whatever other obstacles get in your pathway.  For more about canyoning shoes or other equipment you can see this link.

Holiday activities for honeymoons.

It is customary on New Years Eve and ahead of schedule in the New to declare your engagement. For the individuals who have quite recently done as such The Huffington Post has recorded its main 10 hoenymoon destinations for 2014. They express that “The weight to make your special night the best occasion ever can at times lead to a spot of one-upmanship. Where precisely is the most elegant spot to set out to not long from now? Where has no one else been? What’s more which lodging is the most recent to open in that exemplary destination”

As they would like to think Brazil is the spot to visit in 2014. With the football World Cup commencing on June twelfth 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 it will be the nation with the greatest media presentation over the enxt 2 years.. It’s a nation that has been developing in ubiquity with the sort of couple searching for an experiential special first night that joins enterprise and unwinding. South and Central America keep on catching the creative energy with developing destinations, for example, Nicaragua.

canyoning in wales

1. Bahia, Brazil

2. Canyoning in Wales

3. Hayman Island, Australia

4. Mauritius

5. Maalifushi, Maldives

6. Nicaragua

7. Dominican Republic

8. Zambia

9. Carvallo, Corsica

10. Oman and Maldives

See here for more info.

Stag Weekend Top Tips

Date of the wedding,

Confirm the dates of the stag night, make sure these dates suit the groom.

Duration- how long should the event last?  A weekend?

Who are you going to invite?  It’s probably a good idea to email everyone.

Work out the budget??

What activities are you going to do?  Where do you want them to be?

Think about your funds.  Should you all keep you money together for drinks??

Look after the groom, don’t let him be the one who gets lost on the first night in the scorching sun on top of the tallest building in Las Vegas.

If you want help booking a great Stag Weekend then click here for more information.

stag weekend


More Stag Tips. 

Officially name by Visit Britain for Gorge Walking

Visit Britain have named us on their website for a great Gorge Walking Experience on Britain’s fantastic waterways.  To see the article you can click here.

Visit Britain gorge walking


We often send our visitors over to Visit Britain as it’s such an informative site, and really will answer any questions you may have about britian.  But if you have any other questions feel free to give us a call.  Visit britain have been running for a number of years now, but we still find that a lot of people come back to us with more questions.  When visit britain first asked to include us on their article we were extremely greatfull and that’s why we like to include them on so many of our posts.  A great partnership has been created.  We are also partners with many other tourism websites like visit wales, and the tourism swansea bay site.

Canyoning Birthday Party

So you’re turning 18, or 21, or 30, 40 or 50 the age is irrelevant.  What we do know, is that it’s almost your birthday and you want to do something exciting, fun, safe and one that you’ll never forget.  And that is Canyoning in Wales

We do a whole range of amazing birthday wales Canyoning packages where the birthday boy or girl will need to complete extra special tasks in order to complete the challenge.  The group must work as a team to ensure the birthday boy/girl completes these tasks in a certain way.  The whole group have their own individual tasks too so no one is left out.

canyoning birthday party wales

For more information on Britain, you could see the visit britian website. 

Rough Rivers for White Water Rafting

The extra rainfall has made the rivers fantastic for White Water Rafting in Wales.  White water rafting is usually extremely fun, don’t get me wrong, but over the last few days it’s been a blast.

Our Stag and hen groups have all done really well, and should be proud to say they took on the river whilst it’s been so extreme.  (We of course check the conditions before hand, and rated the river with the safety limits)

rough white water rafting wales


Be sure to learn your rivers before hand.