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Stag Goes Free Coasteering in Wales

For a limited time only Gorge Walking South Wales will be offering an amazing deal on Coasteering Wales.  Stag goes free with a group of up to 10 friends.

Coasteering in Wales is the perfect stag and hen activity that gets the whole group involved in jumping, scrambling, sliding, slipping, plummeting across the rugged Pembrokeshire coastline.

Coasteering was pioneered in Pembrokeshire, and has now become a world recognized outdoor activity.  Extremely popular with stag and hen groups and also corporations.

coasteering in wales for stags


Be sure to book the activity fast to be sure not to miss this fantastic offer.

Activity Weekend in France

An Activity Weekend in France can be the perfect holiday for the whole family.  You can book from Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure and get a fantastic 2 activities, high mountain adventure, 3  nights of accommodation and transfers to and from the airport all included in this fantastic package.

Day 1 – Land in Lake Annecy

Day 2 – Canyoning

No past experience is obliged to participate in this Canyoning excursion, which includes bouncing and sliding into dive pools, abseiling down waterfalls and rushing down characteristic water slides. Your expert Canyoning aides will lead you on an adventure where you will find radiant view in glorious surroundings. The Gulch courses are inside close vicinity to Annecy and include: Angon, Pont du Diable, le Grenant & le Doria waterfalls.

Day 3 – High Mountain Enterprise (By means of Ferrata)

This High Mountain Enterprise gives the chance to get to territories of the mountain that would regularly be open by experienced climbers just. Referred to provincially as By means of Ferrata this action is a mix of strolling and climbing. Appended to a cabled system at all times, there are a mixture of steps, rope extensions, steep pathways, and crosses to test you. This is a novel movement that is open to everybody, the length of you’ve got a head for statures!

Day 4 – Fly back.  See more here on the france website.

activity weekend france gorge walking south wales

Activity Weekend Wales

Wales is a great place to come with the family, or maybe for a stag or hen do.  Wales has so much to offer with it’s roaring coastline and it’s fantastic national parks, the natural beauty is unrivaled.   If you’d like to any of the below activities a try just click here activity weekend wales and you will be directed to our list of activities ready for you to browse, watch videos, look at images and then you can call or fill out our online form to enquire.

activity weekend in wales

For more information on our amazing activity weekends, or if you want information about wales in general you could see

quad biking in wales

Quad Biking is a great activity for those wanting to stay relatively dry.  I say relatively because you will be sliding, drifting and splashing through muddy puddles.  This activity is great on a dry summers day, but on a rainy day it’s even more exciting.  The slippy surfaces will really test your skills as you navigate your way across our all terrain track.  Using only the best quad bikes, you can be assured you will have a safe ride.  Safety checks are done each and every day to ensure the breaks, lights, gears and steering is all working correctly.  Quad biking Wales with Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure is great, so be sure to click the link.

quad biking wales


There are many resources on the web about quad biking in wales and quad bikes in general. Click here for more information.  

Abseiling in Wales

Abseiling is a great sport for those fearless of heights or for those who want to conquer their fear of heights.  This activity will have you dropping down the side of a 70 foot cliff.  You will be fully kitted out with safety gear like a helmet, a harness, climbing shoes etc.  Abseiling is great for stag groups and families.



There are many many other activities you can choose from however.  Quad biking, canyoning, white water rafting, kayaking, climbing, caving and much more.

Visit wales is a great source for good information about wales. check it out.

White Water Surf Kayaking

We love to blog about all the other fantastic activities there are in South Wales, and Wales in general.  One of our favorite things to do, when there’s swell about, is white water surf kayaking.  This is a beach based activity and involves paddling out through the roaring waves and catching them in on our fantastic sit on top kayaks.  It’s difficult at first but once you get used to it you’ll be flying.  Sometimes literally.  On the bigger days, when the waves are 6 foot plus, that’s when it gets really fun.

surf kayaking south wales


Here at Gorge Walking South Wales our priority is your safety, so we always kit you out with a helmet and buoyancy aid.  Our instructors are also fully qualified lifeguards and are trained to take these sessions.   See more at wiki 

Quad Biking South Wales

Quad biking in wales in an amazing experience.  We run all our quad biking sessions on the edge of the brecon beacons national park!  Only using top of the range quad bikes you are sure to have a fantastic experience.  Honda 250cc all terrain vehicles will take you through woodlands, streams and lots of mud!    We think Quad biking in South wales is a good alternative to Gorge Walking if you don’t fancy getting too wet.  Or if the river conditions are too Wild for the Gorge.   Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure have a great price for Quad biking and I recommend booking through them.

quad biking south wales



Quad biking can be rather dangerous however, so we always insist you listen to all the safety rules, and keep your helmet on at all times, even when you’re not on the quad bike.  As a loony may whiz around the corner and run you down.   If you’re thinking seriously about riding quad bikes on the roads you need to know the Governments rules.  Click here.

Coasteering West Wales

Here at Gorge walking South Wales, we love everything about Gorge Walking.  But don’t get me wrong, we like other activities too.  Sometimes you just need to be at the coast on beautiful summers days in Wales.  On these occasions we fully recommend Coasteering West Wales, with Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure.

coasteering west wales

Pembrokeshire is perfect for coasteering, with it’s roaring, rugged coastline and fantastic beaches, what more can you ask for.  Coasteering is a fun active sport that will have you jumping, slipping, sliding, scrambling, swimming, climbing, rock pooling, toilet bowling, flipping, catching  and grabbing.  Put on your wet suit and helmet, because your in for a whale of a time.  You will also be provided with buoyancy aids, so for those who aren’t too happy with the water, you know you’ll be safe.  Furthermore, our instructors are all fully qualified lifeguards and instructors.  They are all extremely competent in the sea and have first aid experience.

Caving in Wales

Caving is an exhilarating experience.  You will over come many fears and will be extrememly chuffed with yourself afterwards.  The Welsh Caves near the Brecon Beacons are fantastic!  Ranging from fully open echoing caves, to tight systems where water rushes through up to your neck!  There are routes to suit everyone so if you’re a tad chicken don’t worry, we’ll help you out.  Caving Brecon Beacons will be the perfect location for this activity.

caving breckon beacons

Here is a list of all UK Caving facilities from Wikipedia Caving.