Coasteering West Wales

Here at Gorge walking South Wales, we love everything about Gorge Walking.  But don’t get me wrong, we like other activities too.  Sometimes you just need to be at the coast on beautiful summers days in Wales.  On these occasions we fully recommend Coasteering West Wales, with Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure.

coasteering west wales

Pembrokeshire is perfect for coasteering, with it’s roaring, rugged coastline and fantastic beaches, what more can you ask for.  Coasteering is a fun active sport that will have you jumping, slipping, sliding, scrambling, swimming, climbing, rock pooling, toilet bowling, flipping, catching  and grabbing.  Put on your wet suit and helmet, because your in for a whale of a time.  You will also be provided with buoyancy aids, so for those who aren’t too happy with the water, you know you’ll be safe.  Furthermore, our instructors are all fully qualified lifeguards and instructors.  They are all extremely competent in the sea and have first aid experience.

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