Quad Biking South Wales

Quad biking in wales in an amazing experience.  We run all our quad biking sessions on the edge of the brecon beacons national park!  Only using top of the range quad bikes you are sure to have a fantastic experience.  Honda 250cc all terrain vehicles will take you through woodlands, streams and lots of mud!    We think Quad biking in South wales is a good alternative to Gorge Walking if you don’t fancy getting too wet.  Or if the river conditions are too Wild for the Gorge.   Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure have a great price for Quad biking and I recommend booking through them.

quad biking south wales



Quad biking can be rather dangerous however, so we always insist you listen to all the safety rules, and keep your helmet on at all times, even when you’re not on the quad bike.  As a loony may whiz around the corner and run you down.   If you’re thinking seriously about riding quad bikes on the roads you need to know the Governments rules.  Click here.

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